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New Flavor For Electronic Cigarettes: Anti-oxidants

The advantage of electronic cigarettes over tobacco is the fact that it can have flavor other than the traditional taste of cigarettes. Now a company is trying to take the advantage to the next level put anti-oxidants on the liquid for vapes. This is a revolutionary idea making electronic cigarettes healthier than it was before. This can push the agenda of electronic cigarettes as healthier and safer alternative to smoking. While vapes still can’t claim that it can be a smoking-cessation product but it can surely be better than your average tobacco.

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iPloom a Massachusetts-based electronic cigarette maker got a provisional patent on a new electronic cigarettes with anti-oxidants. The pending patent gives protection to iPloom’s method and system to make electronic cigarettes that are fortified with polyphenols and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which are strong anti-oxidants that can counter the effects of traditional tobacco smoking on the body. The effects of this new innovation are far-reaching and actually put something in a vapor that can cause a great reversal.

EGCG is known to be an anti-cancer and effective against leukemia after it was proven in some studies. However, it is not yet proven if EGCG is effective in any kind cancer prevention. EGCG is prevalent in green tea which is consumed in Japan and other Asian countries. EGCG is believed to be able assist other chemical to drive cancer cells and protect normal cells. EGCG prevents cancer cells to grow and to cause problems that may lead to health issues and even death. Chinese have been drinking green tea for ages which is usually a cup or two per day. Green tea leaves are being boiled in water for at least 10 minutes. Today, green tea are being sold in cans and in bottles with the aim of providing the anti-oxidants that the body needs to fight off free radicals.

Anti-oxidants are the main weapons of the body against free radicals. Free radicals can affect the eyes and other parts of the body. Anti-oxidants like EGCG are able to neutralize the oxidative stress that free radicals do to the body. Tobacco smoke enters the body and increases the level of anti-oxidants. Asian-American women that drank more green tea had lower risks of breast cancer compared to other women. Researchers think that drinking green tea with the associated lifestyle can greatly reduce the risk of getting cancer. This is where electronic cigarettes can come in. Electronic cigarettes provide a healthier and safer alternative to smoking which in essence a modification of life style.

When taking supplements with anti-oxidants it should be cleared with your doctor as large dosages can cause stomach pain and even liver dysfunction. High-dose studies of EGCG can cause deaths by harming the liver, kidneys and the bone marrow. It is not advisable to use EGCG and replace traditional cancer treatments. There is a need to study the anti-oxidants more and understand the possible health problems.

The future of electronic cigarettes is looking bright with this new innovation. The success of this endeavor can lead to more makers experimenting with other nutrients that can make vaping healthier. It is possible that makers would also introduce vitamins and minerals that are often depleted with regular tobacco smoking. Think of it this way, in the future there is a possibility that people will just have their vitamin C intake via vapes. Vitamin D deficiency will be a thing of the past since people will be getting their daily dose from electronic cigarettes. It is possible that nicotine will no longer figure in the picture and people will be vaping because it is a convenient way of getting nutrients that are missing from their diet. Of course, it is best to get nutrients from the food that we eat everyday.

Smoking has become less cool because we all know that it can cause death. People are switching to vapes because it is a way to still get the nicotine without the harsh chemicals. But with the addition of nutrients and anti-oxidants, vapes can become more relevant and important than they are today. In future, vapes can be used as a way to deliver medicines that can help the lungs or even provide vitamins and minerals that are missing from the diet of the people and can’t help ditch the smoking habit.

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